Courthouse Restaurant & Bar

A complete Interior’s project; to redesign a bar & restaurant, hotel guestrooms, lobby & entrance areas, and a rooftop garden. Commenced April 2020 during the first weeks of Lockdown, which brought considerable challenges to the project.

The Courthouse was Grade 2 listed and had already been unsympathetically converted on the cheap into a restaurant – failing commercially without enough covers, a poor use of space and lacking appeal to a younger generation. The client wished to create an ‘outdoors’ feel, with faux green walls, lanterns, bistro / courtyard type furniture. The Guestrooms were converted from the 1970’s prisoner’s cells, so lacked natural light & had exceptionally high ceilings, again quite challenging.

The new Bar & Restarant is now commercially successful, so a good outcome. Although from a design perspective I would have liked to retain more of the original Courthouse ‘look and feel’ which are still there under the foliage.